Was Your PPI Claim Rejected?

My PPI Claim was Refused Can I Make another Claim?

Yes you can, but it does depend on a couple of areas. Firstly if the claim was refused as there was no PPI, then as good as we are we won’t be able to conjure any premiums up for you! However, if you have had PPI and the bank refused the claim in the last 6 months we can take the claim on. This will either by dealing with the bank or forwarding the claim and necessary paperwork to the Financial Ombudsman.

Is There a Time Limit for Re-submitting a Claim?

Yes there is and this is the important point, in order that we can take on a complaint after it is has been rejected we need to do so within the timescales of the final letter from the bank declining the claim which is 6 months. Ideally it would be a little before then so that we can get our teeth into the bank before going to the ombudsman.

The Usual Reasons Why Claims Are Rejected.

The main reason why claims are rejected has nothing to do with the claim itself it is to do with the bank itself. In that about 45% to 50% of all claims are rejected. Those which are accepted are sufficient to keep the banks regulators happy and those that are declined have only a small proportion that continues the battle to obtain a refund. With this in mind the banks are saving literally hundreds of millions of pounds using this option.

In the letter declining the complaint the bank will list a number of generalised factors but most of which can be overcome when taking the complaint further.

What Should I do now?

This best way is to either email on info@bankcomplaints.co.uk with your name and postal address and confirm the claim or claims have been declined. We can then send the information to you to then take this on. It is helpful at this stage to provide a copy of the final correspondence from the bank so that we can write to them in the first instance.

If for some reason we are still unsuccessful then there is no fee to pay so it is worthwhile not giving up the fight.

How we (Recover Your Money.LTD) can help.

Once we have received your signed instruction we will either contact the bank if there is time and or contact the ombudsman with details of the complaint and confirming our involvement. Hopefully this will provoke a positive response but if not we will supply the necessary report and paperwork to take the complaint to the ombudsman.


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