How Do I Know If I Have a PPI Claim?

The exposure of the PPI scandal and the subsequent researches resulted in confirmation of the fact that the selling of PPI or payment protection insurance is somewhat unlawful in the lending business, especially when the lender is forced to buy such insurance or is not given all the information pertaining to such insurance. In many cases, a great deal of evidence suggested there was deception committed by the lending institutions. This became the basis for consumers who actively participated in the campaign for their legitimate rights.


Eligibility for PPI refund


In order to become eligible for a refund of PPI claims, a borrower must meet at least one of following conditions:


  • Loan borrower was obliged to procure PPI when applying for a loan, mortgage or credit card. The borrower was not informed that this insurance is optional. Instead, borrower was made to understand that without the PPI, the loan cannot be granted.
  • Borrower was not aware that he or she was paying cost of PPI cover. He or she was not informed that the monthly premium is an add-on to the monthly amortization or payments.


When PPIs were declared mis-sold and the issue was pursued by the media, more and more people became conscious of the possibility of getting a refund for the paid PPIs.

How to claim a refund for mis-sold PPI


Before you start claiming for the refund you have to ascertain several factors:


  • Determine if you really paid for PPI insurance. You can check this by looking at the documents of your loan payments and transactions.
  • If there is a condition that asks you to pay for PPI, recall if the modus of the PPI was explained to you and that you decided for the insurance in your own volition.
  • Ensure that you have supporting documents.
  • Make certain that the PPI was indeed mis-sold, based on the qualifications for PPI to be considered as such.


In case of doubts


If you are not really well-versed in the process of claiming mis-sold PPI benefits, it would be better that you go to a claims management company. This agency can study your case, review your documents and ascertain for you if the paid PPI falls under the mis-sold qualification. You do not have to worry about upfront payments for the consultation. Find a claims handling company that accepts no win – no pay conditions.